Confidence Builder.

​Nora is a great professional who helped me get clarity and focus on what is important.

-- Carmen F.paragraph here.


Nora provides an excellent space and environment for being coached. If you want a warm, creative and insightful coach who will help you with your own personal shifts, then I highly recommend her. 

​-- Thushyanthan A.


Catalyst for Change.

Nora's words and support enabled me to move outside myself and look at the situation more objectively.

-- Cathy F.

What clients are saying.....​​


I learned that with a firm but attentive and responsive coach I could get more done than I thought I could.

​--  Sara K.

Creates Awareness.

​Nora asked great questions, which allowed me to reflect on my situation and options for moving forward.

-- Marianne S.

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nora ​Misiolek & Associates 

Questions?  Comments?  Not sure if coaching is right for you?

Don't be shy! I love to share my passion for coaching and the amazing results that our clients have achieved through coaching.   I'm happy to schedule a complimentary call to talk with you about how we can work with you and/or your business.

​​​​​​Welcome! I'm Nora Misiolek, President of Nora Misiolek & Associates.

We’re all on a journey.  In many ways, each of us is daily living our own hero’s story,  our own transformation story.
Coaching helps people plot out their lives and be the heroes of their stories.  Good stories don’t happen by accident.  They are planned. 
Think about your favorite movie or novel.  Most follow a similar sequence.  First, there’s a character that wants something.  Second, that character encounters trouble, problems, resistance, or obstacles; often these have different layers.  This creates a tension.  The character wants to end the frustration and feel successful.  Third, every character has a guide.  They find someone like Yoda from Star Wars to help them resolve the tension.  Finally, there is a call to action in which the character fights the battle, finds a solution to the problem(s), moves through resistance, or overcomes the obstacle. 

Sound familiar?
You are the character, the hero, in your life story.  What’s the problem or challenge you’re trying to solve or overcome?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide like Yoda to help you?

That’s where coaching comes in.  Your coach is your guide, your Yoda.  As your guide, your coach is there to instill confidence, to help you connect the dots, to work with you to create strategies and plans to successfully move beyond trouble/problems/resistance/obstacles, and to participate fully with you in your transformative journey.
How can I help you win the day in your hero’s story?


​ I enjoyed Nora's coaching style, she is a very personable coach with a wealth of experience.

​-- David C.