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​Let's Talk Coaching

I came to coaching following a successful career in academia and in business consulting.  To me, it was a natural progression.  I had been mentoring and coaching graduate and undergraduate students as well as my business clients for years.  I felt that it was time to move in this directly.

In coaching with me, you’ll find that I meet you where you are as a client.  My approach to coaching is inviting, laid back, and person-centered.   It is geared toward exploration and generating awareness through the use of intuition, deep-level listening, visioning, and insightful questions.   

I help my clients devise and take steps forward to achieve their goals, leveraging their unique set of strengths.  Every client is unique.  Although I am well-versed in the use of assessments and tools, I only use them when it seems warranted in my coaching. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.  

The client base with which I have worked is diverse – small business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, business professionals, project teams, artists, teachers, professors, doctoral students, people in career/professional transition, and individuals with ADHD or who are impacted by ADHD as parents, teachers, spouses, or managers.   

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  • Professional Credentials:
  • International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Faculty & Mentor Coach, Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • Certified MentorCoach (CMC)
  • Certified Executive Coach (CEC)
  • Certified Energy Psychologist
  • Certified True Tilt Practitioner
  • Student of Gary Craig's Optimal EFT instruction at
  • Institute of Coaching, McClean Hospital, Harvard Medical School (Member)
  • Academy of Management (Member)
  • ​International Leadership Association (Member)
  • CHADD (Professional Member)
  • ​ADHD Coaches Organization (Member)
  • National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) 2014 Professional Woman of the Year
  • Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Fellowship Recipient
  • PhD, Information Science & Technology
  • MBA, Innovation Management
  • ​BA, Psychology & Interdisciplinary Linguistics




​​​​You probably have some questions about me and/or about coaching.  Like, who are the Native Americans in the pictures to the right?  Braveheart and Crow are the two gentlemen in Mohawk native attire.  Jeremy is wearing the striking Cherokee attire. We met on the New England Summer Powwow Circuit. And while not Native American, I thoroughly enjoy attending powwows.

There's a lot of terminology around coaching that you might not be familiar with like what's a CMC, or a CEC, or evidence-based versus other kinds of coaching, or what it means to be certified by the International Coach Federation. Let's take some of the mystery out of that.  

How about starting with what it means to be a CMC, CEC, and an ICF certified coach?   What that means is that I completed some serious coach-specific training.   Over 150 hours of work in the classroom, and over 100 hours of coaching internship.  Then, an oral and a written exam to qualify to apply to the International Coach Federation for credentialing, where I had to taken another Coaching Knowledge exam. Having a CMC means that I completed coach training through the MentorCoach training program based in Bethesda, Maryland.  Having a CEC means that 52 hours of my training were specifically in coaching executives, business professionals, and entrepreneurs.  

And, it doesn't stop there.  ICF is the "gold standard" for coach credentialing.  There are other credentialing agencies, but they all look to the ICF to set industry standards.  ICF-credentialed coaches are required to renew their certification every three years.  We're required to complete a 3-hour course in Coaching Ethics in that time period, along with 37 more hours of coach-specific training for a total of 40 hours of continuing education.  We also are required to coach according to the ICF Code of Ethics, which is quite rigorous.

You've probably never heard of evidence-based coaching, but it's important. What it means is that the coaching methods that I use are grounded in the social sciences (psychology, in particular) and in neuroscience. Many of the coaching methods out there, like Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Law of Attraction, are unproven. There is no scientific evidence to substantiate their effectiveness. In contrast, the effectiveness of evidence-based methods has been rigorously scientifically tested. Much of the research on which these methods are based has been presented at major conferences, published in prestigious journals, and subjected to rigorous peer review. What would you rather be paying for?

And, then, there's the h-word, holistic. You may be wondering if that's like woo-woo coaching.  Far from it.  When I say that I coach holistically, it means that I coach you as a person who is whole, creative, and resourceful.  I meet you where you are in our coaching conversations.  I use active listening.  Together we explore dimensions of the issue or issues that you are bringing to our coaching sessions.  

​I hope I've answered at least some of your questions about me and about coaching.  If I haven't, please feel free to email me so that we can discuss your needs and coaching a bit more.   It's free.  All it will cost you is a bit of your time.  If you can spare that, let's have a conversation.