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I'm seeing a therapist, can I also work with a coach?

​Yes.  Coaching and therapy are different.  The emphasis in therapy is on "fixing" what is wrong, and tends to be rooted in the past (though that's not true of all forms of therapy).  Coaching, on the other hand, is forward looking.  Coaching helps you to develop strategies and leverage your strengths so that you can move forward toward achieving your goals.

My grammar school age child has been diagnosed with ADHD.  Do you recommend coaching?

​Grammar school age children generally aren't ready for coaching.  Now, it does vary from child to child, but I would wait until he or she is around 10-11 years old to begin working with a coach.

Is coaching covered by insurance?

​Coaching isn't currently covered by insurance. However, if you have a flexible spending account, you can submit your coaching expenses for reimbursement.

Do you coach international clients?

​Absolutely.  I've personally coached clients from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, Ireland, and Canada.  Most of the other coaches with whom I work also have international coaching experience.

frequently asked questions 

What else is included besides the coaching sessions?

​Coaching services are "full service," which means that you'll be able to email or text in between sessions with questions, concerns, or issues that may come up.  In general, you'll receive a response within 12 hours to email or text, however, if someone is away at a professional conference, meeting, workshop, or on-site consultation, it could be within 24 hours.

Do you coach in the evening or on weekends?

​Yes.  There are a limited number of evening and weekend coaching slots available.  

What payment methods do you accept?

​I use the Paypal platform for invoicing and accepting payments. It's flexible, and allows you to pay by EFT, or by credit card.  

How often can I expect to be coached?

​To start, I recommend weekly sessions.  I also recommend that you should expect to commit to three months of coaching in order to build a solid foundation and to build momentum.  It's your choice at that point to continue with weekly sessions or to switch to being coached every two weeks.  For ADD and ADHD clients, I recommend sticking with weekly sessions throughout coaching because my experience has been that that's the timeframe that works the best.   Some Business and Executive clients prefer being coached twice a week depending on what we're working on.

How long are coaching sessions?

​The length of coaching sessions varies based on the age of client and the type of coaching.  For pre-teens and teens, I generally recommend no more than 30 minute sessions since that's consistent with their attention span.  For college students and adults, I recommend 45 minute coaching sessions. Some Business and Executive clients prefer longer sessions ranging from 1 - 2 hours depending on what the coaching focus is.